Brief introduction: Five Masters, Master Zhishan, Daochang Baimei, Li Bashan, Feng Daode, and Miao Xian went out of the same school, and they established their schools because of different martial arts concepts. The five masters inadvertently obtained the secret book of the forbidden technique "Yanshi Offers Skills", and the learner can control the puppet from the air, no matter the ancient and the modern or the life and death. At the same time, Emperor Qianlong's nephew Yonghan, who held a grudge for his father Hongshi's tragic death due to the removal of his ancestry, secretly founded the Bagua religion as "Sun God" under the guise of suppressing those who rebelled against the Qing Dynasty. The ultimate goal of martial arts is to kill Qianlong and usurp the power of the dynasty, and his new target is "Yanshi's Skills" in the secret collection of Emei. Bai Yuanming, who is proficient in medical theory, came to Emei to relieve the malaria crisis. He met Li Erhuan, a female disciple of Emei, and was involved in the disputes between the rivers and lakes. Yonghan's pseudonym Sun Ziyi sneaked into Emei to stir up disputes in the rivers and lakes in an attempt to profit from it, and was eventually defeated by Bai Yuanming and Li Erhuan.