Synopsis: During the war period, the five major poison sects on the rivers and lakes rose from the ground, and the five major poison sects corresponded to the five poisons in life. In order to satisfy his own selfishness, Nangong Yi, the leader of the Holy Scale Sect, snatch the secrets of martial arts from various sects. One night without warning, the wind was blowing. The head of Tianlongmen disappeared, the Golden Crow Sect was destroyed, and Tianchangu completely disappeared overnight. In the process of being hunted down, Dugu Yu, the youngest son of the head of Tianchan Valley, was rescued by the elder Duguzhong of Guzhong by performing toad magic, and was raised by an old woman in the countryside. Eighteen years later. Dugu Yu met Nangong Ling, and the two fell in love with each other, but they did not expect to be the daughter of the great enemy Nangong Yi, and Nangong Yi had been looking for Dugu Yu for 18 years. Dugu Yu was caught, and Lingling risked his life to rescue him. In an accident, Dugu Yu fell off a cliff and practiced the magic of toads. Dugu Yu went to seek revenge for Nangong Yi. Nangong Ling sacrificed himself to end the war. Nangong Yi killed his favorite daughter with his own hands. He went crazy and became a lunatic. In the end, Dugu Yu also let go of his grievances.