Synopsis: The four chiefs have disappeared mysteriously, and it is rumored that a red-clothed white-haired witch did it. The four sects initiated the Jianghu Order, saying that whoever captured the white-haired witch would become the leader of the Jianghu alliance.

Fengshengu is the key to motivate Tianshan's cipher text. The Netherworld Demon Princess captured the four chiefs and blamed Yi Lanzhu, the beautician and white-haired. It is bound to win the Qingganjian. Yi Lanzhu, who was misunderstood by Jianghu people, was struggling every step of the way. Zhang Huazhao originally wanted to capture Yi Lanzhu to become the leader of the Jianghu alliance, but the two did not know each other by chance. The two told each other their thoughts, only to realize that it was not Yi Lanzhu who killed the four chiefs. At this time, the two were captured by another white-haired witch, the princess of the Western Regions. The white hair of the princess of the Western Regions was whitened by Yi Lanzhu's father, Yang Yuncong. From the initial encounter between the two, until Yi Lanzhu knew that her father was rescued by the princess of the Western Regions, she was grateful. And there are crises in the rivers and lakes. Yi Lanzhu and Zhang Huazhao have walked together all the way. In the process of fighting the enemy together, the two have a heart-to-heart bond. Where will their relationship go in the end?