Plot synopsis: Since the martial arts conference a hundred years ago divided the world's martial arts into high and low levels, the rivers and lakes have been divided into a society with distinct classes. Until a martial arts madman named Jianghu Rentu appeared, he slaughtered the martial arts sect and learned martial arts secretly, causing chaos in the martial arts. In order to prevent the Jianghu people from learning the two great martial arts skills, Feng Yu, a disciple of the low-level sect of iron sand palm, prevented the decisive battle between the No. 1 assassin in the world and the golden bell, but accidentally became the personal bodyguard of the No. 1 assassin in the world. After fifteen years of hard work, he is just a rookie who is still laying the foundation. On the one hand, there are martial arts masters who are fighting for the first sneak attack in the world, and on the other hand, there are people who are in ambush in the dark. Feng Yu is in a dangerous situation of being embattled on all sides.