Synopsis: Behind the peace and tranquility of the modern world lies the struggle between the Yanhuang and Chiyou clans. Mu Yuzhe, a holy warrior who fought for the safety and honor of the Yanhuang clan, fell into pain and depression due to the successive sacrifices of his aunt Xiao Han and his girlfriend Ji Ran. , but unexpectedly learned that the Chiyou clan's ambitions were immortal, and they even plotted more evil conspiracies. After a painful decision, he joined the new combat team and returned to the battlefield with Chen Yiling, Ji Xing, Kuli, and Xiaoyue. . This is a story about the adventurous spirit, brotherhood, and racial honor of young people who chose to fight side by side for their innate mission, to protect their loved ones, and for the sake of the world, in order to resist the destruction of the Chiyou people. Evil conspiracy.