Synopsis: In a distant tribe, there is a spirit beast from Xueti Mountain. After learning about it, the demon Huangpizi brought people to snatch it. Unexpectedly, when the crowd was fighting fiercely, the spirit beast took the opportunity to escape. Huangpizi and the female warrior of the tribe Wanyan Jin came to Qintian City to chase the spirit beast. Wanyan Jin accidentally met the young Wu Zheng, and sparked a spark of love. In order to help Wanyan Jin, Wu Zheng decided to deal with Huang Pizi together. Forced to Xueti Mountain, just because Huangpizi wanted to explore the legendary "Flying Stones" on Xueti Mountain, but when Huangpizi succeeded, the cute and cute spirit beast suddenly turned into a ferocious big snow monster Xiang Huang Pizi launched an attack. After the war, Wu Zheng and others won. They dragged their exhausted bodies back to Qintian City. Since then, they have guarded the safety of Qintian City and continued to write epic legends one after another.