Introduction: Lin Cheng's team went deep into the jungle to find the secret of the elixir: Purple Light Grass, but they met a mysterious girl. Lin Cheng took the girl away and was attacked by a giant snake, destroying the expedition team. Lin Cheng took the girl back to the city. Lin Cheng fell into a trough in his career. He found that the giant snake came to the city, and it had super-repairing DNA in its body, so he began to raise the snake girl, and the fundamental purpose was to find the giant snake. In the process of Lin Cheng and Snake Girl getting along, the two fell in love. But Lin Cheng, who was chasing fame and fortune, still used her to capture the giant snake and brought it to the laboratory for dissection. The girl fled with the giant snake and was disheartened by Lin Cheng. President Jiang took the killing team to the jungle to find the giant snake. Lin Cheng felt remorse, he fled the team, found Snake Girl in the jungle, and begged her to believe in himself and run away together. In the end, Snake protected the jungle and the giant snake, but sacrificed herself and fell.