Introduction: Li Yanzhi and other three soul-suppressing groups have a great reputation after defeating Zhao Yuanqi, but a new conspiracy has been around the corner. Li Yanzhi received a strange case, a strange case of "difficult childbirth" outside the staff, Li Yanzhi, Xuan Yangzi and Qin Yu, in addition to using various Qimen escape techniques to rescue the staff, they also found this "difficult childbirth" strange case very strange, so they started Investigate this. The three soul-suppressing masters came to a remote village. At this time, the woman Qingqing was bullied by three big men. Li Yanzhi stepped forward to rescue Xia Qingqing. Qin Yu was not friendly to Qingqing. The rescued woman, Qingqing, led the three soul-suppressing masters to a desolate inn. Qingqing was grateful for Li Yanzhi's life-saving grace, so she became very close to Li Yanzhi, which further intensified the conflict between Qin Yu and Li Yanzhi, and the three broke up. In the end, Qingqing's identity was exposed, and the trio of Zhenhun was framed. At the time of the crisis, with the help of Xuan Yangzi, Li Yanzhi and Qin Yu returned full of blood to rescue the master and the emperor, and the prince's conspiracy was broken.