Shanxi generals Qu Wei and Du Gujiu were killed in the escorting of “money and beauty” on the way to Beijing, and their portable sword “Meng Lao” appeared in the hands of Jianghu thief Lu Kun, six women catching head stone Yiyi, Qu Wei’s good friend Jin Yiwei Mu Bin won Lu Kun, but found that Lu Kun was also blamed, while the six doors were eager to settle Lu Kun’s case. Mu Bin and Shi Yiyi needed to find out the truth within three days, and they were looking for When blaming Lu Kun’s fur-skinned dog, he was set up to kill the serial. After all the fog was found, all the doubts were pointed to the Chunxiang floor plaque. What is it all because of this? What is the identity? Why are the six doors eager to finalize the case? Love killing or vendetta? Who is the real murderer? And seeing Mu Bin and Shi Yiyi, this is a visual feast for us.