Synopsis: Yan Fei finds out that the real culprit of a recent bizarre murder case in Shanghai is a transformed man who has lost his mind and power. Remodeling people to kill people everywhere makes society in chaos. Huang Jun took control of the situation with the sound of the flute, so he was promoted to the new mayor by Commander Duan. Huang Jun teamed up with Yan Fei to track down the truth behind it, and the clues pointed to the Japanese Unit 731. Yan Fei's father was also transformed. Bai Ling, who had been missing for a year, suddenly appeared and asked to cooperate with Yan Fei to deal with Huang Jun. He pointed out that Huang Jun was a psychopath with strong ability. He used a Japanese laboratory to resurrect his father Huang Lang more than a year ago, and even more successful. Transform the living into undead warriors in an attempt to conquer the earth. Huang Jun even designed Yan Fei to kill his father by mistake. In the face of many dangers, everyone finally defeated the undead team and Huang Jun with wisdom and courage.