Summary: In order to avoid the emperor's punishment, a priestess from the Qin Dynasty pretended to go out to collect medicine, but actually summoned a snake to cast a spell to escape. The priestess and the serpent are united to hide in the thousand-year-old tomb during the Republic of China. In order to escape the thugs, the poor young master stumbled into this treasured tomb. The mystery of the ancient tomb between the thousand-year-old priestess and the poor young master begins. . Martial arts master Yanagawa Ming was unfortunately injured by the Oriental thief Kawamoto when he was treating the injured young master of the Du family. When he was seriously ill, he still had the great faith and mission of protecting the safety of national treasures, and endured the pain to teach all martial arts secrets. It was given to the destitute young master of the Du family. The young master of the Du family was deeply moved by the tenacious will of the martial arts master Yanagawa Ming, he inherited the master's mission of defending the national treasure, and practiced martial arts to fight against the eastern thieves.