Introduction: In the early years of Tiansheng in the Northern Song Dynasty, two brothers of the Qi family, who were specializing in grave repairing, dug a solitary grave late at night and caused a "corpse transformation". The elder brother died on the spot and the second younger brother went mad. The people were all at risk for a time. Bao Zheng, who was then the inspector of the Song Dynasty, received the bad news of the sudden death of his master Hu Yong, and led his guard Zhan Zhao to go to Gongan County, the place where young people studied arts. Only then did Bao Zheng know that his master was the rumored "corpse transformation" in the city. source. While everyone went into the city to investigate, skinning and murder cases broke out one after another. Bao Zheng never thought that the cause of death of his master was only involved in the disappearance of a girl who had been hanging in the city for many years.