Introduction: "The Western Regions of the Tang Dynasty" records that there is a big dragon city in ancient Qiuci. Legends are full of treasures and a group of dragon people live in the city. They are tall and mighty and powerful. Later, King Qiuci secretly united with the Turks to kill the dragon people who refused to obey the rule and destroy the Great Dragon City. For thousands of years, countless adventurers have wanted to find the treasure, but they have never returned. In the early years of the Republic of China, a wealthy daughter who returned from overseas came to an ancient town in the Western Regions. Using the lost Faqiu seal as bait, he invited Faqiu Zhonglang to find Zhang Tianyou to find the legendary Great Dragon City; Zhang Tianyou brought gold, The four masters of tomb robbers moving mountains and unloading ridges marched towards the vast desert, and they were about to face the dangerous tomb gate, the Millennium Zombie King, and the long-sleeping real dragon.