Storyline: When Dixt, a minister in Jhansi princely state, sees Varanasi-born Manikarnika, he proposes that she marry Gangadar Rao, prince of Jhansi. Sadashiv Rao plots with British officers to conquer Jhansi as he is promised a stake in it after conquering Jhansi. After the birth of Lakshmi and Gangadar Rao's son Sadashiv Rao sees his place in fear and poisons the holy water during the child's naming ceremony; he passes away and leaves Gangadar Rao on his deathbed. Gangadar Rao decides to adopt a son and Sadashiv Rao feels guilty of not adopting his son instead a toddler who comes running to Lakshmi Bai after Gangadar Rao's death. The East India Company decides to conquer Jhansi as it has no male ruler, but Lakshmi Bai decides to take the throne herself and fight for Jhansi.