Introduction: Innocent Myolie is detained by Jiang Xiaohan for the sake of Xueguo, not back to negotiate with Yan. Lu Chaoge told Ye Qingyu about Xing'er's life experience. Ye Qingyu resolutely sneaked into the enemy camp and rescued Myolie, while Li Jinlantian followed. The three men sneaked into the prison, and when a group of soldiers invaded south found that the blue sky was piercing the gang, and they were about to be encircled and suppressed, Ye Qingyu switched his abilities again and turned the danger to a breeze. Later, Xiao Xing, Lan Lan, and Li Jin escaped from Youpan Pass, and Ye Qingyu was arrested. When the blue sky changed back to Ye Qingyu and didn't fight back with Yan, the "Alien Space" was once again activated. Ye Qingyu also saw his previous life in the bronze mirror for the first time-she was actually an overbearing queen. Back in real time and space, Ye Qingyu would not kill Yan. Yan did not die, and the group of demons in the southern invading legion had no head, and was annihilated by Lu Chaoge's army. Ye Qingyu and Lan Lan entered the palace, greeted him by the enthusiastic Prince Yu Xiaoxing and the dangerous future.