Introduction: During the Suigong period, an unbelievable serial murder case disturbed the people in Luoyang City. Most of the victims were a pair of men and women. The murderer's whereabouts were mysterious, leaving no clues. It is rumored that the gods are going to punish the queen of the dead. Father Cui was ordered to conduct a thorough investigation, but there was no result. The minister asked Di Renjie to try. Although Di Renjie’s political views are different from those of Tianhou, it is related to the suffering of the people of Lebanon. He finally accepted Tianhou’s arrangement to solve the case within a time limit, otherwise he will be the "murderer" to bear the blame for the storm. At first, Di Renjie was asked not to leave the cell while solving the case. Di Renjie understood Tianhou’s intentions and agreed. At the same time, he asked Tianhou for two cell leaders who took good care of him as helpers. Di Renjie was removed from the original cell and detained in a can He saw the towers of Luoyang city from all around, and in the new prison he saw the "eyes" who had been waiting for a long time-the confidant Cui Gonggong. Di Renjie quickly restored the scene of the murder through Father Cui's description. He believed that this was a cursed serial homicide with a highly premeditated and special meaning. The deceased had the same method of death and the murderer used the corpse to complete a certain ritual that affects the fortune of others. Just when Di Renjie and Cui Gonggong failed to investigate the case, another murder case occurred in Luoyang City. After verification, the man turned out to be Wang Pu, the Queen's imperial physician, and the woman was the wife of an ordinary small vendor. Di Renjie judged that it was a typical Hangzhou light cicada silk from the silk thread left on the scene. After being woven into clothing, it looked like a yarn. It was looming, and it was a woman's favorite material. The opposite of the murder was the Yanyu Pavilion, the murderer and the Yanyu Pavilion. There must be a great relationship. Father Cui was going to investigate the Yanyu Pavilion. Before leaving, Di Renjie took out a pair of mother-in-law bells and gave one of them to Father Cui. Di Renjie could perceive the scene of the murder through the bell. Father Cui came to Yanyu Pavilion and followed the clues to Helian Yunzhu’s boudoir-Qingcheng Pavilion, and found that it was exactly opposite to the attic where the emperor Wang Pu was killed. Father Cui shook the audience's bells, and there was no bell in Di Renjie's hands in the prison of the tower. Wind automatically. Helian Yunzhu went out of shape for a while and made a strange noise. Father Cui realized that there was a problem with this room, and seeing that he was about to find the secret room, the boss broke into Father Cui and had to give up. Grandpa Cui listed Helian Yunzhu of Qingcheng Pavilion as a key suspect.