Introduction: In the troubled times of the Tang Dynasty, Qin Jie, a descendant of Qin Shubao, assisted Li Longji to fight Wei Wei and the chaos of the party. Unexpectedly, one after another bizarre homicides occurred in Chang'an. Qin Jie was ordered to investigate the case. He heard that it was the work of a demon, and Qin Jie vowed to fight The demon fights the male and the female, revives the reputation of the Qin family, and helps Li Longji to rise to the top. Infighting in the palace, disputes between the rivers and lakes, and the bizarre demon world made Qin Jie feel pressured. Shangxian Shuiyue helped Qin Jie at the critical moment, and he did not hesitate to fight against the demon Jinghua as an enemy. The mysterious and unpredictable world of the Tang Dynasty and all kinds of fictitious monsters, who is behind the scenes?