Introduction: After the divorce, Lin Nan was invited to climb the mountain together by the deceived Tong Huasheng. After he succeeded, he cunningly escaped, and Lin Nan was left alone in the wilderness. Looking for a way out to no avail, in the face of hunger and cold, she began to drill wood for fire, and eat wild fruits in the mountains to make a living, opening her difficult way to survive in the wilderness. She climbed one mountain after another, passing by a terrifying no one. In the village, when she saw a glimmer of hope for survival, she stumbled and fell off the cliff. Unfortunately, she was dying of life and was hit by the falling boulder and couldn't move. However, what made her even more unexpected was that a poisonous snake was crawling towards her. Faced with the threat of death, how should she get out? What kind of thrilling will you encounter?