Introduction: Zhao Zitong, Shao Xue, Ling Fei, and Qiuqiu, as senior students of the University of Physical Education, set up the "Justice Club" in the school. On this day, four girls sent a voyeur on campus to the police station, only to find that it was quickly released and behaved sneakily. Zhao Zitong and others followed. It turned out that this person was a social gangster, avoiding the mistakes of his enemies and entering the campus. The four of Zhao Zitong secretly observed and suspected that this person was engaged in illegal activities. Therefore, the four girls rented a small restaurant opposite their stronghold for a short period of time to facilitate observation. However, after a series of actions and analysis, Zhao Zitong and others were surprised to find that it was a vicious criminal gang hiding in it. They knew that the situation was serious and several people decided. Call the police immediately, but there was a great opportunity to seize the evidence of the crime, so the soldiers were divided into two groups, witty dealing with the criminals, and finally cooperating with the police to wipe out the criminals. While justice was done, they were also awarded honorary graduates. .