Introduction: Lu Xiaoxi, the granddaughter of the old shipwreck, has been poisoned since childhood. Many years ago, the shipwreck went to Tai'a Jianzhong to save her granddaughter’s life. Array. Lu Xiaoxi grew up using medicine to save her life, but she couldn't stop the poison from getting into her bones. Uncle De, who raised her, was always looking for a way to start a trickery. The young marshal who wanted to get Tai'ajian secretly investigated and learned about the origin of the shipwreck family and Tai'ajian tomb, and forced Lu Xiaoxi and Uncle De to help him get their swords. In order to find a stranger who can solve the tricky formation, the marshal took advantage of Lu Xiaoxi's name to open a list of martial arts to recruit relatives. By chance, Chen Qi opened the list and won the competition. He didn't know that from the moment he unveiled the list, he was destined to be involved in a competition. Thrilling trip.