Introduction: Shanghai in the 1930s, Shili foreign market, gangs, hidden murderous intentions. Zhabei, a utopia of the poor in Shanghai. In order to compete for the site, the Five Lakes Group forcibly seized the land in Zhabei, causing the people of Zhabei to be displaced. Shandong youth Ma Yongzhen rushed to Shanghai on his own. In order to help the people of Zhabei, Ma Yongzhen was involved in the power whirlpool of Shanghai. He ran into the racecourse and fought in Zhabei. He was chased and killed by the Five Lakes Gang. In order to save Ma Yongzhen, confidante Liu Juchi had to commit himself to Mr. Pia of the French Consulate who was behind all this. Wuhu Gang leader Xue Changchun also took advantage of Ma Yongzhen's injury and set fire to Zhabei. In order to defend himself and his family and friends, Ma Yongzhen decided to fight the Five Lakes Gang arena in a decisive battle with Zhabei under the witness of the whole of Shanghai. What Ma Yongzhen didn't know was that at this time Xue Changchun and Pia had already laid a net to wait for his arrival. As soon as the war is about to start, justice and evil are bound to compete against each other.