Introduction: Meng Haoran rushed to the exam, Li Bai accompanied him to Changan, and accidentally rescued Liu Moxuan, the daughter of General Bianguan. edge. The Tubo emissaries came to pay tribute to the Tang Dynasty, and Li Bai got up on a whim, and took away the sachet of the Western Region woman Mengdie, but prevented a conspiracy against Tang Xuanzong. Gao Lishi used a trick to capture Li Bai into the cell, but was rescued by Zong Yu. The Tibetan assassin failed to assassinate the emperor and aimed his spear at Li Bai. Li Bai confronted Fu Tu's first master Fu Qian. At a critical moment, Liu Moxuan blocked a fatal blow for him, but he died. The Tubo envoy planned to assassinate the emperor again at the meeting of the wind, but was blocked by the planned Zhou Mi Li Bai again, saving Tang Xuanzong, and he hoped that Tang Xuanzong would become a good emperor to punish evil and promote good. Li Baixing is proficient. In addition to calling him "Poetry Fairy", the people also gave him the title "Jixian" and "Jianxian".