Introduction: Lin Chong was wronged and embarked on the road to Cangzhou. Xue Ba and Dong Chao were responsible for escorting the mission, and the three of them marched all the way. Before leaving, Lu Qian took Gao Liu's instructions to make Xue Ba and Dong Chao feel that Lin Chong was removed, and Lian Li lured them to make them either successfully complete the task of assassinating Lin Chong assigned by Gao Liu and get rich, or It is impossible to escape blame for a failed mission. The two vowed in front of Lu Qian not to kill Lin Chong and came to see him. Just as Xue Ba and Dong Chao led Lin Chong to avoid the eyes and ears of passers-by and wanted to attack Lin Chong, Lu Zhishen suddenly appeared in the front and blocked the way of the three of them.