Introduction: In the prosperous period of Kaiyuan, when the prince was seriously ill, all the emperors were helpless. Just when the emperor was searching for a secret prescription for the prince, an expert diagnosed that the prince’s destiny was extremely special and he needed to bring a "Buddha bone relic" to convert to Buddhism, but the emperor Not giving up the prince to suffer, he ordered Pei Lund, who had the same eight characters as the prince, to become a monk on his behalf. Although Pei Lund had dissatisfaction in his heart, he did not dare to disobey the holy order, so he could only indulge himself to relieve his resentment. The abbot of the Temple of Lights felt that Pei Lund was fearful of disasters, so he appointed Xiao Wu from the monk group of descending demons to escort Pe Lund all the way to ensure his safe arrival at the Temple of Lights. There are rumors that "Buddha bone relics" can make people become immortals, which makes countless people covet it. The three demon kings of Kuhailing, "Jinguangzhaizhu", "Half Face Makeup", and "Yinfeng Lao Yao" are even more relevant to this rumors. The treasure of becoming a fairy has been planned for a long time. Therefore, as soon as the news that Pei Lund will take the "Buddha bone relic" to the Jinshan Temple was exposed, the demons and evil spirits of the Kuhai Land were ready to move, spreading nets in various places, trying to snatch the "Buddha bone relic" and threatening the lives of Pei Lund and Xiao Wu.