Introduction: Under the bridge and above the yellow spring, there is a river named Wangchuan and Wangchuanling. The mainstream Sheng came to the world to collect the most memorable feelings in the world in the name of opening a tea house. Tell a story, give a cup of tea, answer a question, go to heaven and earth, no matter ancient or modern. The descendant of the hunting family, Wei Ci, in order to break the curse of the beasts, used the bones of the beasts to be associated with Ye Jiu, the son of the Zhujian Villa. When the relationship between the two was gradually born, the villa was completely destroyed, and his efforts to save Ye Jiu's Wei Ci could not stop him from revenge. , Ye Jiu, outnumbered, lost his memory. What happened in the middle? Where did Wei resign? What kind of terrible existence is the sword slave? After the tea became clear, the truth of the matter made Ye Jiu cry like a child.