Introduction: During the Warring States period, a strange plague occurred in a small border country. The genius doctor Bian Que took his disciples Jiaolong and Zong Bao to practice medicine to save lives. Who knows, this plague is not a natural disaster but a man-made disaster. The king of this country lives forever and is planning to change his soul and continue his life, and he selected the three world-famous sons, Mo Qilin, Dongfang Bai, and Ji Meijin. The eldest son Mo Qilin and the second son Dongfang Bai are both adopted children, and only the third son Meijin is the biological son of King Guozheng. King Guozheng showed his sincerity and sent three sons to find three magical artifacts. This led to the power of struggle within the three sons. After a series of changes, the true face of King Guozhen was clearly seen, and the evil was finally eradicated.