Synopsis: The demon clan has a treasure called the Demon Emperor Blood Crystal. The demon kings of the past raged on the world with the power of the demon emperor blood crystal. The soul man Xiao Qingxue snatched the blood crystal from the demon king Chi Fei and prepared to take it to the Heavenly Tribulation Valley and burn it. . Qin Nan, a young man in the market, wanted to become a soul man, but unfortunately he could not awaken his spirit. In order to earn money to take care of the old and young in a village, he had to cheat and ran into Xiao Qingxue on the way. The Demon King's men chased after him. Qin Nan accidentally swallowed the blood crystal during the fight. Xiao Qingxue tried all kinds of methods to get the blood crystal, so she had to take Qin Nan with him. After all kinds of hardships, they finally arrived at Heavenly Tribulation Valley. Heavenly Tribulation Valley Lord Lu Qianji successfully helped Qin Nan refine the blood crystals in his body. However, Chi Fei had already secretly laid a net of heaven and earth at this time. There are many crises ahead. Can Qin Nan turn the danger into a bargain, and can he successfully awaken his martial soul and become a real soul man in the process of fighting against Chi 虺?