Introduction: With the rapid development of human civilization, environmental pollution has become more and more serious. In order to control environmental pollution, PDR has developed KHEPRI, a super cockroach that can swallow garbage, and plans to put it on the market on a large scale. However, he did not expect the ship to go to the open sea, and the tamed and controllable KHEPRI suddenly rebelled in a large area and attacked all the creatures on the ship frantically. The cockroach tide was raging and the ship suffered heavy casualties. Only a small number of people were struggling to survive under the leadership of first officer Qiao Jianghe. In order to escape and to find out the reason for the cockroaches runaway, Qiao Jianghe had a violent conflict with PDR President Victor, and accidentally learned that KHEPRI was controlled by the artificial intelligence "Queen", and has given birth to a self-conscious "Queen". Humans have been listed as the number one source of pollution on the earth, and they are ready to clean up all mankind and purify the earth with the help of the cockroach tide army after ships dock. In order to prevent the "Queen" from destroying the world, Qiao Jianghe chose to cooperate with Victor, and the two joined forces to fight back.