Plot introduction: The protagonist Gao Dawei and Shoubo are a pair of inspirational detectives, but they are all kinds of troublesome life treasures. In an event, Gao Dawei and Shoubo accidentally seized the antiques collected by Li Taikun, and found that it was not an ordinary theft. At a party, Li Taikun fell from upstairs and died on the spot. According to clues, Li Taikun collected the bronze drums. Later, it was discovered that the underworld and unknown identities frequently shot Li Taikun were related to the Tonggu, Gao Dawei gradually investigated according to clues. With the deepening of the investigation, Gao Dawei discovered the ancestors of the four great beasts hidden in Li Taikun’s antiques and found the recorded address. At the same time, there were internal ghosts in the team to respond to the tomb-robber team, and at this time the Baimao group also arrived. Record the address. After many difficulties, can Gao Dawei crack the secret? A storm of wits and courage is about to unfold.