Synopsis: In a peacekeeping area, a peacekeeping police escorted people from various countries to the airport when they were attacked by terrorists and blew up the road. The Chinese peacekeeping police had to lead everyone to the jungle to escape. The US Doctor Without Borders Rena. Local guide Li Dashi and the team engineer Trafal were anxious when they heard the horrible elephant mound legend on the way to escape. Under Li Dashi's wrong guidance, everyone fell into a greater crisis, leading to constant internal conflicts, and the Chinese peacekeeping police had to resolve internal and external troubles. Crisis situation. During the process of being hunted and killed, he gradually discovered that the identity of this group of people is not simple. It turned out that this terrorist attack was a long-planned revenge. Now the victim is the perpetrator of the year, and the cause and effect of the cruel war is about to come. Can the peacekeeping police lead everyone to escape safely and complete this deadly operation?