Synopsis: During the reign of King Tai Kang of Xia Dynasty, a group of bats attacked a tribe at its sacrifice ceremony when Xiao Yao caused some trouble. Everyone thought it was Xiao Yao who had triggered the wrath of the god, and the Priest proposed to kill and sacrifice her. In order to save her, Shu Sheng made a pledge to figure out the cause of the incident, and was willing to sacrifice with her if he failed. With the help of Xiaoyao and Ji Wenyuan, Shusheng walked into the depths of the jungle. After some twists and turns along the way, he finally found the cave of the bats, and set fire to it and killed all the bats. The crisis the tribe faced was therefore eliminated, and Shu Sheng became the hero of the tribe. However, a crazy old man in the tribe kept mumbling that another disaster was coming. One night, a family of three in the tribe were killed by the Bat King. People in the tribe blamed on Shu Sheng as he killed the bats and angered the Bat King. They tied up him and Xiao Yao. Ji Wenyuan, with the help of the crazy old man, released and urged them to leave the tribe. Shu Sheng refused. He decided to stay and and defeat the Bat King. But how? At this point, the crazy man said that only the Holy Bow could kill the Bat King! Shu Sheng broke into the cave in the jungle and defeated the carnivorous vines, and found the Holy Bow. With the bow, Shu Sheng shot the Bat King to death. From then on, Shu Sheng became a guardian of the tribe.